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      • Headquarters in Querétaro switch from carbon fiber to specialized medical textiles.
      • 10,000 weekly kits to be produced from May 11th.
      • Distribution reaches hospitals in Mexico City and Querétaro in a first stage.



May, 2020 – VUHL, the Mexican ultralighweight supercar OEM, has started the design and manufacture of overalls, gowns and shoe covers, allocating specific areas in its Headquarters, under strict isolation, respiratory protection and hygiene procedures. This initiative promotes the Personal Protection Equipment to the Health sector, with an initial capacity of 10,000 kits per week.

The Personal Protective Equipment items are manufactured within the Aerospace Cluster of the City of Querétaro, Mexico, where VUHL Headquarters and their Center of Advanced Composite Materials specialized in the production of carbon fiber are located. At VUHL, carbon fiber is switched today for medical textiles specially designed to mitigate various biological contaminations as well as health risks, manufacturing medical material under ISO and AS9100 standards that the Center of Advanced Composite Materials is certified in.

"We take advantage of state-of-the-art technology in engineering and production processes to meet the high demand for supplies of specialized material and thus ensure that the medical personnel who are in the firing line of this emergency have the necessary tools." - Iker Echeverria / VUHL General Director.

The manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment is carried out under aerospace grade quality standards, however it represents a logistical challenge to meet an unprecedented demand. The kits will go to hospitals and health centers to initially support 10,000 members of the medical community, and progressively increase the production and distribution capacities, until we reach the limit for as long as it takes to win this battle against Covid-19. This project is a joint effort in coordination with more than 45 Mexican workers and entrepreneurs who are located in 4 States of the Mexican Republic: Querétaro, CDMX, State of Mexico and San Luis Potosí.

According to Guillermo Echeverría, “The necessary health and protection measures for our collaborators and customers were taken at the due time, but we feel the responsibility to do more: making a concrete contribution to the battle against the spread, and the care of medical personnel who is treating positive Covid-19 cases. Through this initiative we believe that the flexibility and adaptability of our industry can make a positive impact in the fight that we all wage together.”

The Engineering department, as well as the Research and Development department, will be focused on finding solutions to the current needs of medical personnel. The Composite Materials Center will return to normal activities once the WHO issues an official statement about the Covid-19 recession and there is an evident decrease in demand for the surgical grade equipment produced today.

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