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      • Scale Models are custom made, handcrafted from the same materials found in VUHL vehicles: carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and automotive paint and finishes.
      • Born from the original VUHL CAD files, these replicas are as similar to real-life vehicles as possible, customized to match full scale vehicles in their bespoke spec. 
      • The skillful CART Collection team is the only authorized manufacturer to replicate the VUHL 05 in all its versions, worldwide. 


Feb, 2021 – VUHL, the Mexican ultralighweight supercar OEM, has partnered with an outstanding team of passionate artisans and industry leaders at CART Collection, creating the only authorized scale replica of the VUHL 05 in the world. 

With an outstanding resume that ranges from an Industrial Design background to award-winning scale modeling abilities, the CART Collection team members have established a scale model company focused on highlighting the beauty of iconic vehicles that, throughout history, have given petrolheads all over the world a reason to skip a heartbeat. Their passion for replicating every element to extensive detail has taken them to great lengths, and has proven to be key to this partnership.

Artisan skills fuse with modern day technology allowing their models to benefit from the best of both worlds, with 3D modeling, CNC machining and 3D-printing among other techniques there is a level of accuracy not found before in the components of each vehicle, however all the assembly and fine details are hand-made through a number of hours worthy of a museum piece.

"By staying true to the CAD files that originated the 05, we partnered to create a scale model that is as similar to our full-scale vehicles as possible, maintaining the attention to detail and correct measurements and proportions at the highest possible level" - Iker Echeverria / VUHL General Director.

The manufacture of these scale models is indeed a true work of art not only by applying the master skills of every member at the CART Collection team, fused with state of the art technology and processes; but also by the extensive use of VUHL-sourced carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and several other components that create a depth in the level of detail not seen before in the field. An obsessive degree of accuracy led the CART Collection team to apply automotive paint to OEM spec, achieving the exact same color and finish found in the full scale versions of the VUHL vehicles, whether it is solid white as shown or fluorescent models replicating Race Of Champions vehicles yet to be unveiled.

According to CART Collection's team, “The correct way of showcasing these collector pieces is to let every element interact with each other in their own particular and harmonious way, which is why a 1:8 scale works best allowing light and shadows to play the role of highlighting textures and finishes as they would in the life-size car.”

To this day, no other replica has been authorized by VUHL Automotive and CART Collection has been given the worldwide exclusive to build them by the hand of the supercar manufacturer’s team.  

While several VUHL customers have already pre-ordered their scale model to match the spec on their vehicles, the three versions of the 05 are available at the VUHL online store for any passionate supercar aficionado to be able to join the family in a 1:8 scale.



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