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Weekend of success at PAI with Michelin!

Pastejé Automotive Invitational, the most prestigious by-invitation-only automotive event in Latin America was celebrated this weekend in Hacienda Pastejé, a private estate where some of the most notable classic and supercar collectors enjoyed a magnificent display at the Pastejé lawn where the golf course became a petrolhead’s dream for a weekend.

With both a static display and a dynamic motorsport atmosphere, PAI offered a one of a kind weekend in México reuniting the most exclusive and rare examples of the supercar world: Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Maybach, Alpine, and several one-offs and limited editions from Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. 

Members of the VUHL Family were happy to attend and display their vehicles, as well as racing them at the Hill Climb event. For 2021, VUHL took part in their Hillclimb through the surrounding tight roads where Benito Guerra masterfully demonstrated what the 05RR is capable of, wearing DOT street-legal Michelin rubber, and earning the fastest time overall and winning the prize with a VUHL for the second year in a row.

On display at one of the best spots in the PAI lawn and by the hand of Michelin, supercar collector Don Koenigsegg was proud to display his recently delivered 05 Arin. This Al-Thani blue and Daytona gray one-off VUHL was selected by the attendees as the best car in its class through an online voting system where it came on top of every other car in the D class, earning VUHL the static display win while the 05RR had already secured the dynamic win.

After a successful day, a very proud VUHL Family celebrates their achievements with the Pastejé AI crowd before going back to Mexico City where a private celebration took place: one where drivers, collectors, Founders and the team join as one in the joy of victory.

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