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MIRA Wind Tunnel Test

In early April this year Collins Limited spent a week preparing the eye-catching VUHL 05 Edition One for a test at the MIRA Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel, located in Nuneaton, UK. 

The car was run through a number of ride heights and yaw angles to gather various data streams: forces measured through the contact patches, surface pressures measured in forty six locations down the centreline of the car, along with surface and volume flow visualisations using wool tufts and smoke wand respectively.

Collins Limited is using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the VUHL 05 in the MIRA wind tunnel and use the results for correlation - this will aid future aerodynamic development by VUHL.

The test was supported by Simon McBeath and reported in Racecar Engineering - you can find these in the May, June and July Aerobytes feature.

For more information:
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     Racecar Engineering, see May (p. 49-50), June (p. 59-60) & June (p. TBA)

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