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Motorsports legends have always marked history in such a way that inspires many to pursue their dreams. Watching them race and achieving the absolute limits of that majestic man & machine bond has fueled the passion for countless fans all around the globe.
When it comes to Ayrton Senna, the story couldn't be any different, he was not only a truly impressive driver but his willingness to share and do good for his people has gone as far as his memory.

For Möet & Chandon, organising a tribute to one of the greatest pilots of F1 is not only about remembering, but it is to keep his memory through proactively making a difference in society. For us at VUHL Automotive, it is such an honor to be invited and to contribute to the preservation of one of our legend's greatest life
goals. Senna is a name that goes a a long way in improving the quality of education in a large scale, as it reaches over 2 million children in 1300 municipalities throughout Brazil with a non-prof it program that goes back to 1994, when the Instituto Ayrton Senna was founded.

With a total of twenty worldwide Ayrton Senna edition Champagne bottles, Möet & Chandon celebrates the life and memory of someone who still makes a difference to date. Two of those bottles were auctioned that night, in benefit of the Instituto Ayrton Senna, within some of the most exclusive and wealthiest Motorsports fans
and philanthropists.
A night with Möet & Chandon at Saks Fifth Avenue was for us a very special time, both because of the tribute to one of the greatest F1 drivers, and because we enjoyed the company of many friends such as Jérome Seignon - General Director of Moët Hennessy Mexico, who kindly made it possible for us to be part of the event. Having the opportunity to share with Bianca Senna - Director of the Instituto Ayrton Senna our passion for racing, and give a part of who we are to all those the Institute directly benefits, is yet another goal we've reached in the short time VUHL Automotive has existed. 
We would like to thank Jérome Seignon, Bianca Senna, Laurent Nivalle and everyone who attended the dinner and auction for making it possible.

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